1040+ Work/Volunteer Hours

Qualified applicants need 1040+ total hours of dietetics-related paid and/or volunteer work experience over the last five years. 

Things to consider:

  • To be eligible you need at least 1040 hours of experience.
  • Be as specific as possible regarding dates and hours/week worked.
  • Include the description of key responsibilities and if the job required leadership, flexibility, and self-direction. 
  • If you have had experience at a job that is only partially dietetics-related, include the percentage of time that is dietetics applicable.  What percentage of time was really dietetic-related? If you do not provide us with these estimates, we must guess.
  • Hours required by your DPD program do not count  as part of your 1040+ hours; however, you may include them on your application to reflect your overall experience if you would like to.
  • Examine your past work experience critically. Often you have gained valuable skills that will benefit you in the dietetics world. Include these on your application!